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Classic Acai

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.09 (7)

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20 October 2021
Slightly expensive for a small salad bowl.

Quite tasty with fruits and nuts. 🥰

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6 August 2020
Although $12.90 is quite pricy, I think it’s well worth the price for the size

and the variety and amount of fruits, granola and chia seed pudding that comes with it. Definitely leaves you satisfied

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2 April 2020
this acai bowl was light and refreshing!

i liked the variety of fruits and think that it's a good proportion to the acai. maybe a drizzle of nut butter would be nice tho 🤔 i'm also not a fan of the chia pudding below the acai cause of the texture (but it's just a personal preference). love love LOVE that they use actual bowls for their acai now instead of plastic...

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8 March 2019
Photo for last review— didn’t upload the first time.

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25 March 2019
Delicious with a shot of spirulina and cudos for taking my reusable bowl

Downside: if I didn’t have my own bowl and spoon I’d have only had their plastic disposables >< and most people don’t bring reusables.... and this is regardless if dining in or taking away. All plastic. for this reason I’m putting a low note on presentation.

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8 March 2019
Really nice acai bowl, and a good size for the price.

I’d never had acai with chia pudding before, but the layering was really delicious. Only wish there was a bit more granola on top!

1 April 2020
One of the best Acai Bowls I ever had!

The L size is actualy very Large and it is definetly worthy.

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