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  • Vegan Glazed Ring Doughnut

Vegan Glazed Ring Doughnut

by Greggs


4.11 (26)

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27 August 2021
Sooo goooood.

Warm. Chewy....

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19 October 2020
Great to have a vegan doughnut option available at greggs, and they were pretty good

too!Nothing to write home about but still tasty, I liked the thin layer of glaze and the doughnut was light and not too stodgy #veganisnotscary

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30 January 2020
I’m glad that these are vegan!

They’re reasonably priced (2 for £1) but are nothing special. The dough itself is nice and soft, but the icing was kinda sticky and sickly

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2 January 2020
If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it.

Greggs new vegan donut is so good, going to have to try really hard to avoid them!

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2 January 2020
This tasted like sweet plastic to me but most people enjoyed it.

60p for one or £1 for two so I'll stick to co-op 😂

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12 April 2021
Didn’t think a doughnut was fancy enough but bought it anyway, 10 times better

than I imagined. I’ll be buying them again.

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2 October 2020
Love this donut!

Can't go wrong for 60p and tastes delicious very similar to a Krispy Kreme type glazed donut. Amazing vegan alternative, was really impressed and would definitely buy again.

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