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Most helpful reviews

$16 for the large portion!! can’t remember what size this is. super good though!! another

favorite of the night. a modest plate of stir fried veggies and super fresh and crunchy veggies hehe really good!!!

yum! our family loves the kailan here. nicely cooked with some wok hei flavour and

veggies arent too tough while retaining some bite

$16 for the large portion and $12 for medium! can’t remember whether we got large

or medium HAHA but we got the kai lan this time!! not sure why this time the sauce wasn’t as flavorful as the previous time with the xiao bai cai, but was still enjoyable regardless!!

yum!! our favourite kailan:D usually has a very strong wok hei but missing that a

little today:/ but still cooked well though! veggies retained a little crunch. lots of mushrooms too!

this dish was actually surprisingly good?? didn’t expect a modest plate of kai lan to

taste so amazing. kai lan was cooked to perfection and sauce was a really good flavour, not too salty as well. my sisters favourite dish! just take note that the vegetables really depends on what they have haha. $16 for the biggest portion!

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