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💟 Their seafood konnyaku patty resembles filet-o-fish. 🐟 Konnyaku or konjac is a type of

plant related to tubers family. This patty differentiates itself from the usual soy patty. I like this konnyaku patty! 😍 Thai chilli sauce is added to give an extra kick to the burger and a side of chunky, crispy and non greasy fries is included. It is a good sign to see more vegan burgers being served in restaurants. #burger #veganburger #veganburg #veganburgers #sgfavourites #asiafav #govegan #veganism #whatveganseat

really enjoyed this burger! the spicy sauce had a good kick and was tangy and

generous while the patty, being made out of konnyaku, had a really "bouncy" and light texture I enjoyed 😋

An ok burg. The patty is crunchy but nothing spectacular. For a konnyaku patty, the

burg is expensive. Not worth the price tag. Prefer soy or other types of patty... The chilli sauce is quite spicy.

loved the burger but not for those who cant take spicy! (its pretty spicy btw!!

a little more spicy than mala xiao la 👀 HAHA) also always love their fat fries 🍟❤ not sure how to describe the patty... its just good (?) and bouncy (like some good mushroom ball texture) 🤣

This is thai sauced konnyaku burger 🍔 slightly spicy and Patty feels much different from

the usual soya one! 😃

Konnyaku patty with a lovely crunchy exterior, topped with a sweet and spicy Thai sauce.

Patty made from konnyaku marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce. ‘Twas delightful indeed

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