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these falafels were more dense and mushy which doesn't really appeal to me because I

prefer a more grainy falafel with more texture (like those with quinoa) but since this was just chickpeas I should've expected it 😓 the outside was nice and crisp, evenly browned and the mayo was lovely and tangy! the greens under the falafels were so fresh as well 👍🏻

Wouldn’t stop at just one!!
Must try it to experience

Was keen to try this seasonal item on their menu 🧆 shared with #vegbuddies @theminttobe

@adhi3202 so happy the yummy sauce is vegan too! It tasted finer and less chunky than other falafel 🧆 I’ve tried. Not bad, but I think I’ve had too much fried stuff lately.

$8.90!! my friend ordered this but let me have a few bites HEHE anyway eh

this was average falafels, werent super mind blowing (pita bakery ones changed my life) it was crispy on the outside but just weirdly dense on the inside. the skin was also a little bit tooooo smooth for my liking like it doesn’t feel like it’s part of the same falafel if you get what I mean HAHA the sauce was alright though! quite generous with it bc the falafels can get a bit dry. slightly tangy with some mustard flavor which I like

Texture gets a bit monotonous after a while. The mayo is mustard based and labelled

vegan. Have to give it to Green Dot for adding more vegan options than usual. This was ordered via oddle. Despite the dairy and egg allergen symbols on their menu they always somehow make still make it so confusing when ordering IRL.

This dish was not very valuable for money since the falafel balls were very tiny.

Moreover, i felt that the falafel balls were extremely dry and that the mayo mustard saved it, would like it to be less dry and have a more herby taste as it tasted rather bland as well.

Falafel was a falafail. Dry bland dark brown balls rolling around in a small dash

of sauce. I'm sad now.

A snack rich in protein that's about the only saving grace. The mustard sauce is

supposed to lift up the denseness of the dish. It was cloyingly dry and coagulated. Have a bottle of water ready to wash it down. Did I mention dry?

Overall is quite dry and crumbly. It is definitely a healthier choice. The mayo mustard

sauce taste really good too.

Pretty disastrous falafel compared to other offerings as it was really dry.

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