Shittake Mushroom Sauce Noodles

  • Is Shittake Mushroom Sauce Noodles vegan? Yes! Shittake Mushroom Sauce Noodles is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

One of my go-to dishes whenever I visit Greendot. Mix the noodles before eating to

get the flavour mixed well. Topped with raw veggies and straw mushrooms, both which I love. Chillipadi is optional 😏 #crfsg #noodles #greendot

I got this delivered for dinner last night and ate it so fast I forgot

about the photo :( Okay so this comes with rice noodles, a pretty awesome laksa broth, a ton of ingredients like tofu puffs, beansprouts, straw mushrooms, konnyaku prawns and squid balls etc etc. Really good!

The first thing I noticed was the colours - a mouthwatering medley of orange, greens

and browns. I loved the taste of the fried tofu cubes, the crunchiness of the raw carrot and tomato shreds, and the unami flavour of the mushrooms, and how they tasted in combination. The soup was tasty but not too salty. I enjoyed it and will definitely come back to try other dishes!

The noodles comes with a bowl of delicious clear soup. They are generous with

the ingredients. The ingredients are always fresh. The noodles comes with fried tofu cubes but I didn't want them. The mushroom sauce tastes good ~ not too salty. Noodle texture just just right for me. It would have been better if they have more mushrooms.

a simple noodle dish with shredded raw veggies. the added mushrooms were sort of steamed

though which resulted in weird texture with no taste- fried would have been better here. overall quite ok but could be better with a little more seasoning and fried mushrooms.

Luv the noodles!! Nice texture and smooth and the sauce tastes like sesame oil and

it’s p flavourful without being too salty. LUV THe veGGIeS. The soup is kinda like water w a vaguebmushroom taste LOL. Only complaint is the price!!! $7.50

Didn’t fully stand up to my expectations – mushroom portion was small and the few

tofu puffs were tiny. Plus points were the very fresh shredded carrots and cucumbers, generous soup, and the efficient & friendly service.

This was good, the noodles were cooked well and not overly oily. The soup was

a great touch with fresh vegetables. I could use less noodles and more veggies overall but for 7.5 sgd I think it’s ok.

Sry for bad photo, I forgot to take a picture before eating. This comes with

shredded carrots, cucumbers, some mushrooms and fried tofu cubes. Also came with some soup. Would love more toppings.

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