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My favourite vegan burger, really like the blackpepper sauce and crispy fries. The lettuce, tomato

and cucumber inside always taste fresh too. $8.90 (I actually prefer this over veganburg, better price too)

new on the menu and a suprisingly different patty than the other time i tried

when it was just launched at NEX. this one is more munchy and thick! wld definitely recommend bc it fits my expectation of a soya patty burger?? 🤔 but i expected the black pepper sauce to be a little more peppery! also, the cheapest option now @$7.90 😂 SO happy 🥳💗

Definitely one of the better vegan burgers I’ve had. The patty was tasty and had

a crisp coating. Fresh veggies and the black pepper sauce added a delectable touch. #burger #soypatty #abillionlove

first time ordering a burger from greendot & it did not disappoint! oh but the

black pepper taste was not strong at all. ate with ketchup & it tasted great!

**forgot to post the past 2 days for #veganisnotscary oh wells😭

Was too hungry and did not take a pic sorry🙅‍♀️ the burger was talll! And

the patty was warm. A brown sause was overflowing in the burger that when i pressed down to bite, it got down to my hands and plate too. One or 2 slices of tomato inside, loads of leafy lettuce inside to add a crunch and it's my fav! The burger bread has sesame seeds on top of it (plus point). By the time i finish the burger, i was so full already but i continue to savour the fries. Luckily the fries was not alot, and i shared it away. Very yummy, filling! Though i had seriously considered to eat it layer by layer (as the burger was really too tall!), I'm glad i pressed it down and bite it altogether, as it is more yums eaten that way!

The burger had a fried soya patty and lettuce and eggless mayo sauce. They have

an option to choose black pepper also. Overall good taste, but I wish they could add more salt and pepper to it.

FINALLY TRIED A BURGER bc i always try to save money and eat the student

meal bento sets 🤦‍♀️🙆‍♀️ anyways, im rlly lovin' the burger and the soy patty plus sauce was so 💣💣 whee hehe thanks greendot 😊

The burger is made up of Soya Patty, Tomato slices and Lettuce. Comes with a

side of chunky fries. The black pepper sauce tastes a little sweet for my taste.

When you want to get a burger but don’t want to go somewhere fancy and

eat an over priced impossible burger, you should try the burgers at GreenDot! Like the flavour of this burger and I added sriracha just to give it more of a kick

Sesame seeded burger with soya patty tomatos and lettuce 🥬 it has a peppery flavor

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