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Pretty impressive vegan burger with melted vegan cheese and fries. Loved the patty which was

crispy on the outside and soft and tender inside.

i love the dressing (aka tomato sauce) and the patty is a little different (not

sure how to describe)! nom 🙃😍🙂

🍔🏝 I have fear of vegan food that is trying to taste like seafood (cos

I hated seafood since young). This is my 2nd attempt, and phew... it worked out! I believe the patty was konnyaku based, so it is chewy. Brushed with the tomatoey sauce makes it an enjoyable layer, along with the lettuce and bun. 😋

crispy soya patty with andalusian sauce. first time trying greendot’s burger. quite enjoyed it &

it was a pretty filling meal.

Ehhh I ordered the neptune's catch konnyaku burger on Deliveroo and this came instead. It's

a crunchy chewy gluten patty and has spicy tomato sauce. Meh I really prefer the konnyaku one but no choice...

Loved that greendot is brining in weatern food. However, bun wasnt that tasty. Patty was

good. A good vegan burger if you are on a budget

Amazing vegan mayo and juicy meaty burger patty! However the fries were not worth it

- would be better with a side of salad instead!

The bottom bun is a bit soggy when I takeout. Patty is a bit dry.

Comes with fries. Add on S$1 for Andalusian Tomato Sauce.

Ordered this for dinner from Deliveroo. Overall it was a tasty burger and the fries

that came with it were great. One thing I dint like was the thicc slice of tomato, a thinner slice would be better.

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