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I had the braised Tea Flower Mushoom Tau Kwa with brown rice, the Potato Nyonya

curry and apparently spinach with mushrooms. It is a relatively quick, healthy and inexpensive vegan food option but I really wish Greendot would use less oil in their foods and ad more vegan options or even better just go vegan altogether.

The mushrooms are the best I get them every time! Super worth it for a

premium main it's so good. The tofu was nice and healthy as well but the mushrooms are the best of all. Broccoli is one of my favourite veggies, it is comforting though I would like it a bit softer. Soup was good. Brown rice was a bit dry. A delicious comforting meal, though they could do much better with their labelling. The dish names with the vegan labels weren't placed properly at the dishes, I had to keep asking which was vegan and had difficulty as the server only spoke Chinese. Mains and greens weren't properly labelled either so I got a surprise when this turned out to be 2 mains instead of 1. I had a voucher for this otherwise it is really expensive for such a meal at $10.90. #abillionlove 💚

I like the veggie dishes they have and the range of veggies they have to

choose from :-) if the brinjal could be cooked with slightly less black sauce that would be better. the lion mane mushroom rendang is definitely worth trying (altho do note that you would need to top up)!! the sesame rice is really fragrant and reminds me of chicken rice haha. on the whole, a good experience 🙂

This is one of my favourite vegetarian food and it has a great variety of

different option to place on the bento. I have picked sweet & sour soya nuggets, kong bao mushroom and broccoli which are all a great mixed of taste.

got the spinach, brinjal and soy nuggets - ive generally quite liked their spinach caus

it's not too oily/saucey/salty and i hope it stayd that way

just wondering - does anyone else feel like their portion sizes are kinda smaller ever since they compartmentalised their bentos to the 3 separate squares for each veg/main?

Tasty but basically expensive caifan haha. I think only the qq tofu? And another side

dish is vegan, I’ve forgotten what tho! Q tasty tho. They have a student meal

taste just like a perfect home cooked meal and i love that there are vegan

labels at the counter for the bento ingredients!!

Some of my fave dishes - soy nuggets are a must ! Not a fan

of broccoli but this is the most delicious crunchy and tasty broccoli that I have eaten.. am a convert now

First time trying vegan, surprisingly not that bad after all!! enjoyed my lunch 😋

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