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  • 2 main + 1 green bento
  • 2 main + 1 green bento

2 main + 1 green bento

by GreenDot - NEX


4.46 (18)

Lion Mane rendang and Sweet and Sour soya nuggets aren't vegan contain dairy

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7 February 2021
The mushrooms are the best I get them every time!

Super worth it for a premium main it's so good. The tofu was nice and healthy as well but the mushrooms are the best of all. Broccoli is one of my favourite veggies, it is comforting though I would like it a bit...

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10 June 2021
First time trying vegan, surprisingly not that bad after all!!

enjoyed my lunch 😋

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10 September 2020
taste just like a perfect home cooked meal and i love that there are vegan

labels at the counter for the bento ingredients!!

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19 June 2019
This is one of my favourite vegetarian food and it has a great variety of

different option to place on the bento. I have picked sweet & sour soya nuggets, kong bao mushroom and broccoli which are all a great mixed of taste.

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25 July 2022
Their bento is very expensive but nice

I will only eat once in a while

Caifan at coffeeshop cheaper lol

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30 September 2021
Some of my fave dishes - soy nuggets are a must !

Not a fan of broccoli but this is the most delicious crunchy and tasty broccoli that I have eaten.. am a convert now

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26 July 2020
Decent bento set with an adequate variety of side dishes.

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10 September 2022
Boss's treat.

Lunchtime rush. Forgot the broccoli in a daze 🤣

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19 July 2021
my go-to whenever i eat at greendot.

healthy and simple!

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31 January 2020
The stir fried Long bean is salty.

I hope they can reduce salt in this dish as we come for healthy food.

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