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Greendot @greendotsg 🌱 |
“Create your own balanced meal from their fresh and flavorful ingredients in

3 easy steps for a well balanced meal!
Select one type of rice: Fragrance White Rice, Sesame Rice, Beauty Brown Rice; Add One Main: Braised Mushroom & Taukwa, Sambal Konnyaku, Sweet & Sour Soya Nuggets, Taiwanese QQ Tofu, Gong Bao Mixed Mushroom* (+$1), Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang* (+$1); Add Two Greens: Choose two types of vegetables; All Bento comes with a bowl of soup.”


Arrived a little late so quite a few dishes were sold out. Featured here: Stir

fry broccoli with black fungus and mushroom slices, stir fry long bean with shimeji mushroom as well braised qq tofu with shimeji mushroom and black mushroom. Different choice of rice available. Bento comes with soup. Love all of these dishes especially the tofu dish!


Each dish was distinct and equally yummy...the mushroom in soy sauce, the tofu curry and

the eggplant-okra mix. Though the eggplant-okra mix was a bit oily for my liking, don’t mind it once in a while. Overall good value, taste good and was healthy. The lady at the counter was super helpful in pointing out the vegan options 😊
Day 8 - #veganisnotscary

3 months i was working near bedok and i forgot greendot existed just two bus

stops away. but when i knew, i made sure to go there every day for 1 week. (Okay maybe three days that week)

While i was really happy, felt the portions could have been bigger for the bento set cause im a hungry girl

Caught them on a 15th of a lunar month. It was jam packed with a

snaking queue and social distancing measures were non-existent. Not sure if that was the reason but the brown rice wasn't as fluffily churned out as the one in Bishan on a non 1st and 15th lunar day. Broccoli can be cooked a little longer.

Something's gotta give.

Slightly pricier than the usual mixed rice vegetarian stalls. Shame they don’t have many vegan

mains, as most of the stuff contains milk. At least it’s clearly labelled! Pretty tasty still! 👍

I had mushroom rendang, lady’s finger and kailan with the beauty rice.
I’ve eaten here before

and ordered too. Their mushroom rendang is one of the best I’ve ever had. Great flavours and the lady fingers (which is my fave green veg) was cooked nicely too.
When eating here though please ask what’s vegan because the staff had a hard time understanding when I asked in English. Took about 4-5 tries and once I had another customer help me ask them so I could be sure.
#rice #bento

Hearty, healthy food as always. This bento contains the QQ tofu with shimeji mushrooms as

a main, as well as eggplant and spinach for the 2 greens. Always recommend selecting sesame rice for your rice - really lovely, delicate flavour that brings chicken rice to mind!


I ordered sesame rice, expecting to just have sesame seeds mixed with rice, however it

tastes just like chicken rice. I'm not even kidding! It was so good! They have different types of dishes you can choose from, but do note that some contains milk and egg! They did put labellings so it's quite clear. You can also choose brown rice or regular white rice. Overall a delicious meal! #crf

dishes that are vegan are clearly labelled. i love the curry taupok, doesnt taste too

strongly of vegan milk (coconut?) used in vegan curries. i always ask for extra sauce on the rice for added flavour! :) #veganisnotscary 6/90!

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