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I absolutely loved this! Firstly, I am so glad that Greendot's laksa is vegan!! Secondly,

this was chocked full of ingredients such as veggies (bokchoy, napa cabbage, broccoli, lettuce), mushrooms (shimeji, shiitake, enoki), yummy beancurd skin and some mock konyaku prawns! Super filling and could have been shared between 2 pax. It costs $9.90 and well worth it. Add $1 for brown or white rice to go with it! This laksa is also thick enough to be flavourful but not too thick to be drunk as soup. Great for a rainy day.

The laksa soup was very flavourful! Chose the hot pot instead of the signature laksa

itself because the mock meats were not rated too well, but I think it’s great! Had a couple “prawns” that I believe are made of the Konnyaku jelly and they tasted like fish cakes. The texture was definitely not prawn texture, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Handmade noodles were very delicious in the soup and the variety of ingredients in the soup was very good. It is on the pricier side, but I would come back for more!

Finally found my vegan 🇸🇬 laksa! I tried for the first time 🌱-based shrimps -felt

a bit chewy! The soup tasted amazing ❤️

Ingredients: Shittake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shimeiji Mushroom, Fried Beancurd Skin, Konnyaku Prawn, Baby Nai Bai,

Chinese Cabbage
there is choice of 2 vegan soups now 😍!! miso and laksa!! but they ran out of miso 😔 so had to go w laksa but well it tasted good 😊 i also had it wo rice... just add a dollar for a bowl!! but i was so full after eating so im glad i skipped that bowl 🍚

Vegan hot pot with a laksa soup base. Soup is really tasty, and with a

healthy portion of mushrooms and veggies.
GreenDot has a number of soups, however, all but one have dairy in them, so do be careful. Here’s hoping this popular vegetarian chain will soon consider having more vegan soup options.

I wanted to try their hotpot with just vegetables and no mushrooms and the staff

made a fuss out of it saying they cannot replace it with veggies. But, they finally did agree and told me not to do it the next time😕 Everybody has preferences, then why can't they oblige to it?! We are going to pay the same amount as well, then what is the problem?! I was a little frustrated for the fuss they made. And, when I got my hotpot, it didn't have much greens but just tofu😞 A very disappointing experience.

Very tasting Hot pot with laksa soup and I added some gyoza...

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