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Most helpful reviews

This was so yummy 😋 taste's so natural with veg flavor intact

Nice packaging, eco friendly simple and light meal. Its not overly fried one of my


Delicious and crispy. Served very hot with the homemade chilli(chicken rice chilli, I think without

garlic, yummy)

Could be better if it’s less hard on the outside and if there are more

fillings. Otherwise it makes a good side dish if you feel like eating something fried, but with some vegetables in it. (Tip: I put the remaining piece of lettuce in the main dish I ordered, which is laksa noodles, and it is a good addition as the only vegetable in it is bean sprouts).

Greendot offers 2 types of gyozas. This is deepfried vegan. The lion mane panfried version

contains eggs and milk.

Its skinny, mushy inside and crunchy hard on the outside. Nothing spectacular other than the well thought out marriage of contrasting textures 🥟

Tasty and crunchy gyozas - wish they had this with the mee pok noodles in

vegan version also.

It was a decent price (can’t remember how much exactly) for 6 pieces and was

served with soy sauce on the side. Not the best out there but decent.

The taste was quite plain. It's crispy outside. Could have a bit more seasoning like

white pepper

The taste was a little bit strange, but mostly quite bland. Only 3 per serving

so it was not very worth the price. Not their best dish

Overall was a delicious dish, dumplings were nice (not sure if they made it themselves).

Slightly pricey but worth a try!

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