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  • Fried Mixed Veg Gyoza
  • Fried Mixed Veg Gyoza

Fried Mixed Veg Gyoza

by Greendot Vegetarian Bugis Junction


3.99 (15)

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18 September 2022
Delicious and crispy.

Served very hot with the homemade chilli(chicken rice chilli, I think without garlic, yummy)

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31 May 2020
Tasty and crunchy gyozas - wish they had this with the mee pok noodles in vegan

version also.

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5 March 2020
Could be better if it’s less hard on the outside and if there are more

fillings. Otherwise it makes a good side dish if you feel like eating something fried, but with some vegetables in it. (Tip: I put the remaining piece of lettuce in the main dish I ordered, which is laksa noodles, and it is a good addition as the only vegetable in it is bean sprouts).

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14 June 2019
Overall was a delicious dish, dumplings were nice (not sure if they made it themselves).

Slightly pricey but worth a try!

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31 March 2022
Nice packaging, eco friendly simple and light meal.

Its not overly fried one of my favourites

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14 December 2022
This was so yummy 😋 taste's so natural with veg flavor intact

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26 September 2020
Love these gyōza, so nice and crispy on the outside.

They also pack a lot of flavour! 😋

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20 October 2019
Omg, delicious!

Definitely worth the calories! Not necessarily healthy since its fried, but definitely delicious!

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29 November 2020
It was a decent price (can’t remember how much exactly) for 6 pieces and

was served with soy sauce on the side. Not the best out there but decent.

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28 November 2020
Greendot offers 2 types of gyozas.

This is deepfried vegan. The lion mane panfried version contains eggs and milk.

Its skinny, mushy inside and crunchy hard on the...

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