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Mala Fried Rice

by Green on Earth Vegetarian Cafe


4.24 (5)

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16 October 2020
This dish has a really nice bite to it and captures the numbing (Ma) effect

of Mala. Those who aren’t good with spicy food don’t have to worry about the spice level though, it’s very manageable. I’d describe the spiciness level to be Xiao La but for some reason always get less spicy as it cools...

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14 September 2020
My first ever mala fried rice.

Rice was "ma"(numbing) but not too "la" (spicy). The ingredients within were fresh and crunchy, but not so excessive as to be overwhelming.

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1 February 2021
My favourite fried rice here!

An alternative when you have no money for MLXG

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5 October 2021
Pretty good Mala fried rice.

Pricey though. Just wanted to try since their Mala is so good.

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23 September 2021
Loved it more than the sambal petai fried rice.

Mala flavour is amazing at this place

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