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by Green on Earth Vegetarian Cafe


4.00 (9)

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1 March 2021
i love hor fun and green on earth never fails to deliver.

abit more expensive than usual at 5.90 but the portion is great.

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27 June 2022
$5.90. Decent tasting, I think it could use more wok hei.

Good amount of ingredients

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13 December 2020
Thought it to be with some soup but it was not.

Sweet.kid friendly.


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21 March 2022
a good classic horfun with green chili 😚 this dish made me feel very homely

and warm!!

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14 January 2023
Awesome Chinese vegetarian restaurant!

Most items are vegan too 💯 the Hor Fun (wok fried flat noodles) was so comforting as I’ve missed hawker food since turning vegan 🥰

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3 January 2021
Love the flat noodle and the unique flavour.

This is my sister's favorite dish at Green on Earth and she orders it every time. #veganuary

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1 May 2022
Nice wok hey!

Topped with taupok and 'prawns'. Impressed by the crunchy fried 'lard' and 'shallot'. Presentation was not great but the taste was quite...

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26 June 2018
Simple stir fried Horfun dish yet so flavourful and fragrant with the wokhei flavour.

The only mock meat used were prawns. #crfsg #horfun #zichar

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