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Cumin Pork Chop

by Green on Earth Vegetarian Cafe


4.38 (10)

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9 September 2019
This dish is very interesting.

They used sugarcane stem as alternative to the bones (which is so ingenious). The kang kong is super savory with a perfect spiciness level. And the plant-based meat is awesome and well-flavored.

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9 January 2021
Very oily that it becomes difficult to eat more than a few.

Taste not as strong as expected

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19 August 2020
So much coriander.. felt like a waste... interesting cumin flavour, loved it

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8 September 2019
These are called Cumin Pork Ribs in menu - there is an error in listing.

These are AMAZING. Juicy and nice texture with very unique flavor.

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6 April 2019
I loved the flavour from the coriander cumin chilli bits on top more than the

pork chop. I am not a fan of mock meat, so not the best person to review. But my friends mentioned the pork chop was good too, with flavour bursting from within.

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6 September 2020
This dish has great flavours, hard to stop after you take the first bite!

Very close resemblance to pork ribs, must try if you are here

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7 April 2019
Sugar cane for the "pork rib bone" so the mock meat has slight sweetness.

So much sorcery in this dish, it's brilliant!

No regrets, just eat more rice.

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9 August 2020
The cumin ribs were amazing!

I've tried a mock pork product for the first time, and the "meat" was perfectly cooked and pink from inside. I had to double check if I was at a vegetarian place. The sugarcane stick inside was the "bone", and I was astounded at how tender the "meat" was...

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