• Is Cumin Pork Chop vegan? Yes! Cumin Pork Chop is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.38 (10)

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Most helpful reviews

Sugar cane for the "pork rib bone" so the mock meat has slight sweetness. So

much sorcery in this dish, it's brilliant!
I'm glad the five spice masked the Gluten taste, but it was dumped on the vegetables, which wasn't absorbed well and pretty much clumped in every mouthful.
No regrets, just eat more rice.

I loved the flavour from the coriander cumin chilli bits on top more than the

pork chop. I am not a fan of mock meat, so not the best person to review. But my friends mentioned the pork chop was good too, with flavour bursting from within.

The cumin ribs were amazing! I've tried a mock pork product for the first time,

and the "meat" was perfectly cooked and pink from inside. I had to double check if I was at a vegetarian place. The sugarcane stick inside was the "bone", and I was astounded at how tender the "meat" was cooked. It broke away clean from the stick when tried. The greens were also well flavored, and a great contrast in taste was the spice on them, and the mild natural flavors of the greens.

This dish is very interesting. They used sugarcane stem as alternative to the bones (which

is so ingenious). The kang kong is super savory with a perfect spiciness level. And the plant-based meat is awesome and well-flavored.

These are called Cumin Pork Ribs in menu - there is an error in listing.

These are AMAZING. Juicy and nice texture with very unique flavor.

This dish has great flavours, hard to stop after you take the first bite! Very

close resemblance to pork ribs, must try if you are here

So much coriander.. felt like a waste... interesting cumin flavour, loved it

Very oily that it becomes difficult to eat more than a few. Taste not

as strong as expected

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