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Don’t be a chicken sandwich

by Green Flamingo Innsbruck


4.80 (2)

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14 October 2022
Once upon a time in Innsbruck… a weary (and hungry!) South African family tracked down

a restaurant they had seen reviewed on Abillion… and their minds were blown…!!!… and so they went back again the very next day for more…!

I loved this burger so much, I ordered it for lunch both times 🙈 …so many delicious-sounding things on the menu, but I just couldn’t help myself because it is just SO GOOD 🤤 highly recommend!

Best arrive hungry: as you can see, the portions are...

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12 March 2022
I really loved this “don’t be a chicken sandwich” and would take it again!

The no-chicken tastes very “real”, it’s fluffy and crispy.

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