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Bento Set

by Green dot


4.42 (9)

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16 July 2021
the veggies were nicely seasoned and tasted fresh.

I liked the chewiness of the qq tofu, and the sweet-salty sauce paired well with the rice. the soup was a very normal vegetable soup. overall, a tad expensive for the price but I'll come back to eat here with my non-vegan friends bc they like the food here :-)

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5 August 2021
I don't normally like pumpkin but this was not too mushy which is great.

I really like the texture of the qq tofu, and the savoury sauce went well with the rice. cabbage and mushrooms was not too salty. overall, a decent bento set!

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8 April 2021
7.9$ for this stomach filling yummy veg bento.

Choose the greens and curries based on the vegan sign denoted below the name of the dish.

This restaurant is not completely vegan, it's lacto ovo...

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27 July 2021
My happy food place!

I’ve always loved a meal from Greendot, even before my plant-based days. It’s just a little out of the way from my residence. Simply love their soya nuggets and the brown rice...

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12 September 2021
Still the classic favourite whenever I patronise greendot, never getting tired of its Bento set

👍🏻 especially it's rendang mock meat

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1 September 2022
This dish is very healthy.

In this bento meal, we can choose between brown/ sesame/white rice.

With vegetables such as cabbage, mushrooms cooked in dark sauce, and lion mane mushrooms cooked in coconut cream followed by a clear...

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5 February 2022
This restaurant sells all vegan food!

It is both healthy and delicious! Have a try!

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20 June 2022
Sweet & Sour Soya Nugget Bento Set.

It comes with 2 type of vegetables and soup. The taste not bad.

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30 April 2022
Sesame rice is too good!

The fragrance is just so tempting to resist.

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