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  • Omni Golden Fishless Taco

Omni Golden Fishless Taco

by Green Common Singapore


4.54 (19)

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30 October 2021
Green Common recently launched a few plant based seafood dishes so I decided to give

it a go!

Omni Golden Fishless Taco consists of soft taco, avocado, tomato, corn salsa, garlic aioli and lime. It was my first time trying a plant based fish fillet and I was rather impressed by this! Particularly love their salsa. Really love this dish a lot and I hope it will be permanently on their menu!


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Love this dish! Even though the omni golden fish fillet was fried, it wasn’t oily.

The texture was great. Fresh vegetables and herb. Topped with avocado, tomato and corn salsa on soft tacos. Served with lime on the side for the extra citrus zing in your tacos.

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I didn’t realise it until my 3rd or 4th time ordering from them… but this

was one of my #sgfavourites 🥲 Admittedly, it’s not the most convenient thing to eat 😅 It’s always a mess by the 2nd to last bite for me…

Still, it never stopped me from savouring every balanced bite of #fishless treat 😋 It’s, generously, a WHOLE piece of #omnimeat #golden #fillet 😝 per #taco! It’s the same kind from their fish and chips 👉 https://www.abillion.com/reviews/64e1c750608139fb399a036c. Therefore, it’s always fried to perfection 😚 You get crispy salty softness from the #veganfish 😛 The chopped veggies brought a refreshing crunch. Together with the creamy yet sour #guacamole and #picodegallo 😍 My pállate was just in love!

$18 is a lot for #tacos but these are HUGEE and I just can’t resist!

I guess I’ll have to finally try my hand at making them myself now 🤨

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Quite a good take on this traditional food. The fillets were well fried and not

oily at all. Paired with a side of avocado salsa.

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A solid fishless taco. The omni fish hits the seafood spot and the vegetables on

the taco and in the side salsa were really fresh. Like that the taco itself was not soggy which sometimes happens when there’s too much filling/sauce on it. Had this with a side of sweet potato fries and it gave me BBQ on the beach vibes 🏖

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FIVE STARS!! if u didn’t tell me that the ‘fish’ was vegan, i would never

have guessed. the omni golden fish fillet tasted exactly like the kind of fillet you get when you eat fish and chips. in general the dish was tasty and also light. love it!!! i love how there is always a variety of vegan dishes to choose from at green common, from different cuisines :-)

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I really enjoyed this. The only minus is that the fillet is whole inside the

taco, so there is no way that I could think of to eat the taco as a taco. Instead, I went at it with cutlery. It tasted great. I was never a big fish fan when I did eat animals, but this tasted very convincing to me. The salsa with avocado and corn was very fresh.

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Crispy Omni Golden Fillet with avocado, tomato, and corn salsa, wrapped in soft white corn

tortilla. Juicy and tasty! Contained alliums. ($17)

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