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Meat Lovers Pizza

by Green Common Singapore


3.78 (20)

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30 January 2021
Meat lovers pizza used Moving Mountain plant based meat and it was my first time

trying... interesting~ #veganuary #abillionlove

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AMADO♥️♥️♥️♥️ Pizza de todas las carnes versión vegana? Jamás pensé encontrar algo así ! Todo

en esta pizza esta perfecto 🙈😂
Full recomendada #veganuary

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Yay, this place is a #veganheaven 😇 we can have meat with no animals. This

is a yummy pizza 🍕 the mock meat was very tasty and legit. But not that much toppings for $19+GST, I find the food here overpriced. Still would patronize occasionally for the novelty of the food here! My friend said it tastes like meat and he would recommend it to non veg friends. #spoiltforchoice

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The pizza had a chewy texture, topped with tomato sauce, Moving Mountains brand sausage slices,

Beyond beef, and Daiya mozzarella cheese. I feel that more toppings could be added, e.g. mushrooms, green pepper, tomato slices etc. Wished chilli flakes were provided. Also ordered a side of fries which came with one choice of sauce: truffle, honey mustard, or chilli. Thought it will be good for eatery to provide chilli sauce readily for the western dishes. For price of $19, I felt that it was not very satisfying in terms of its toppings, felt like it was mostly flour.

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Meh. The crust was so tough I had to split it into two layers. And

there's just one super thin slice of moving mountains "hotdog" plus one tiny piece of beyond minced beef on each slice while the remaining 90% of the pizza is daiya cheese and tomato sauce. It just felt miserable and meagre, not at all satisfying like pizza should be. And some more it is the most expensive item on the menu leh.

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True to its name, this is indeed a meat lovers pizza! I brought my omni

friend here, and he absolutely loved it! It is savoury and we both really enjoyed it.

It has Moving Mountains hot dog, Beyond Sausage, Daiya Mozzarella Cheese, and tomato sauce.

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It’s nice when it’s hot, but if it turns cold it feels weird (I’m a

big fan of cold pizza). So I popped in the oven to warm it up - much better if you have had this sitting in the fridge for a day. It has a lot of sauce which is tomato base, just not enough meat. I could literally count, each slice had one or two meat toppings and that’s about it. Also if you’re hoping for this to be cheesy, it is not. #abillionturns3

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A pretty good pizza but could have been more cheesy! It’s so cool to see

Moving Mountains in Singapore 🇸🇬 😃 the combination of moving mountains hot dog and beyond sausage really made this a meat lovers pizza 😋 #abillionturns3

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