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Beyond Burger Plus

by Green Common Nan Fung Place


4.60 (3)

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4 March 2021
I usually don't order the Plus because it's quite a bit more expensive than

the other burgers, and I don't particularly need cheese on my burgers (the Beyond Burger Plus has the addition of vegan cheese and avocado) but I though I'd indulge since I had the BOGO coupon. This was good - lots of flavors, and a very decent portion (I could barely bite into the burger😂)

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26 November 2019
Green common definitely has the most comprehensive Beyond menu in Asia.

Burger itself was good, patty was slightly overcooked, but that's the case with most place that do Beyond/Impossible. #jaan

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22 July 2019
One of my all time favourite vegan burgers to date.

Nothing beats the Beyond Meat Patty in my opinion + pairs so well with the avocado.