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Beyond Burger Classic

by Green Common Nan Fung Place


4.17 (7)

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27 December 2018
Awesome product , good amount of veggies, whole wheat bun, patty without any smell ,

wish it was spicy or there was mustard or other sauces available on side .

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26 January 2020
Riquísima Beyond Burger.

Contundente y con ingredientes de calidad.


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25 January 2019
I didn’t find it to be that tasty.

The texture I found a bit too firm and the taste not that great. Perhaps with a better sauce and bun it would be a better burger overall.

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19 February 2020
Beyond Meat (and Omnipork) dishes are half price at Green Common for a while!

Very worth it at this price.

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22 April 2021
This costed 1$ as part of the promotion tuning in April.

A great value.

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16 January 2020
I’d totally give up beef for this 👍

Great burger, love the tomato sauce

24 April 2018
First time trying this and it was delicious!

As a life-long vegetarian I'm sometimes intimidated by alt-meat products but this was great!