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Dry Laksa Noodles

by Green Bliss Habitat


3.91 (9)

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22 August 2022
Tastes better than it looks with familiar coconuty fragrance permeating the entire dish

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25 April 2022
Tonnes of laksa leaves 👍 and conjured with coconut milk.

Wow in terms of taste, can do with more ingredients though 😅

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11 September 2022
Very lemak with the coconut milk and lovely spiciness level.

The Laksa leaves added a good flavour. Came with a few pieces of mock fish. Portion was not too big but okay for the price.

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4 February 2023
Medium-spice level & comes with konnyaku ‘fish cake’, beancurd skin etc. A Saturday special

($7)! #laksa

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24 August 2022
Offered as a weekend special as of posting, dish was mildly spicy and just nice

in portions and value. An interesting take on laksa served dry. Good to pair with sides of vegetables to complete the meal.

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13 April 2022
Weekend special.

Topped with fried soy fish slices. Quite spicy and tasty, kind of like fusion spaghetti! ($6.50)

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22 August 2019
Not too spicy, taste was good too!

We loved it 😊👍

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24 November 2019
This is pretty good!

Full of flavour. My fiancé doesn't like quite a lot of the stuff here (braised duck, fried chicken cutlet, etc) but he said this is good. I think it's good too and regretted my porridge...

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19 October 2019
this is only available on weekends and it could have been better if there were

more greens!!

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