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  • Chicken Cutlet Dry Noodles

Chicken Cutlet Dry Noodles

by Green Bliss Habitat


4.20 (16)

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12 January 2021
i usually order this when i’m there.

🙈 it’s just so good! the noodles are just the way i like em and the cutlet is soo crispy and delicious. veg portion is small you can tell it’s not the healthiest thing to order, but that’s exactly why i like it 🤠 #veganuary

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8 August 2021
My first time eating this and I’m impressed!!!

The noodles are so saucy and well-coated, and the chicken cutlet is so crispy! They go so well together 😍 my new fave dish here next to the braised duck rice!!!

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15 April 2021
I like the flavour of the breaded cutlet, wished the noodles were softer, these were

more chewy. If you want a heavier portion, you can add on the braised mushroom meat (is listed mock duck on the menu) to the noodles for I think $2. Friendly customer service here as...

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18 September 2020
Excellent noodle texture and taste, cutlet is crispy and nicely fried.

Wished it came with more veggies though!

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15 July 2020
Nice crispy fried patty and chewy noodles that hardly go soft even with take away.

Taste better than most non vegetarian counterparts and very affordable too. $4.50/ plate.

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6 April 2020
V tasty!!!

But q ex at $5 bc it’s just noodles and one patty ;(

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27 November 2021
Hailing the best selling dish from Green Bliss Habitat, level 2 of Fortune Centre.

The “chicken” cutlet turned out to be surprisingly good. I asked for mild spicy and it was just right. I plated in from the takeaway box because I’m a perfectionist. Haha.

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22 September 2021
The chicken cutlet was crispy and really good, the rest of the dish is quite

simple but ok. Here I got a mix of noodles because it was late and there was not enough hor fun 😊

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19 March 2019
It had good flavour but not wow, chicken cutlet has a scary "meaty" flavour to

it that I didn't really fancy. Liked that there were quite a bit of veggies :)

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22 December 2022
It's a relatively pricey version of the dish, especially amongst everything at #fortunecentre.

I did like the taste of the chicken cutlet, with the crispy outer coating and textural contrasts, but I did not really enjoy the choice of greens that came with it. I also kind of wished they had the mock lard that some other places include in their versions, considering this was like $6. #vegan

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