Mediterranean Heura® Grilled Chicken Panini

  • Is Mediterranean Heura® Grilled Chicken Panini vegan? Yes! Mediterranean Heura® Grilled Chicken Panini is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Mediterranean spiced Heura chunks, house-baked focaccia, saffron and black garlic aioli, rocket leaves, vegan cheese, tomato

4.61 (55)

garlic, onion, nuts, gluten, and soya


garlic, onion, nuts, gluten, and soya

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Most helpful reviews

This panini is $8 at the food truck and amazing! Heura's grilled chicken has a

good chewy texture. Paired with this cheesy, tomato-ey, gooey, hot crusty panini it is great. I brought along my carnist friend who has never tried vegan meat (never tasted beyond, impossible etc), and must eat meat at every meal. He said it was good too! To be honest, I eat a lot of chicken, and heura is not the exact same, but the texture is better than chinese vegetarian mock meats, has a slight nutty taste. Plus I got free kombucha just by showing them the voucher on this app! We were supposed to go for cake after this but cancelled the plan because this was so filling! I hope we come back here for team lunch tomorrow because I want to eat this again. 🤤 #heura #panini

Went to try this with my secondary school buds @quekliuting @liljing @joyceztj! The Heura mock

chicken was a bit strange, rather bland and the taste didn’t resemble chicken at all though the texture did a little. The rest of the sandwich was really yummy especially the vegan cheese! Found the portion quite small; I would’ve probably been able to eat 1.5 sandwiches. So awesome they encourage byob - they asked me to use my own bottle for their kombucha! This is a first time I encountered a business actually actively encouraging it. More need to follow suit! #vegbuddies

Wow, for this vegan, this truly was "I can't believe that was not chicken or

mozzie cheese". Wonderfully convincing, satisfying, tasty, and unlike some types of soy that would sometimes make my tummy gurgle a little, heura felt pure, filled my tummy very satisfyingly yet didn't leave me feeling a tad heavy and bloated.

The mixture of the very fresh tasting Heura chunks, perfectly baked focaccia generously sandwiched with the saffron and black garlic aioli, rocket leaves, best type of vegan cheese I've experienced and tomato was heaven sent to this vegan who at certain times misses meat with a passion.

So far, the food truck has been there 2 days and I have visited once each day. Now I know, what to get when I need my ethical "meat" fix. Thank you Heura and Hyatt :)

Everything about this dish just spells amazing! It’s been some time since I ate meat

substitutes & meat and damn i’m quite shocked by how realistic it is. Even my non-veg boyfriend loved it and devoured the whole thing so quickly 😂 First time trying daiya cheese and it was good but i preferred the cashew cheese from the tortilla. I love focaccia and this really hit the spot. Would totally get this again if I could!!

Really amazed by Heura and can't wait to have it in other dishes! (Cough fried

chicken pls) I can see how everyone like the Panini better as it has more flavor with the tanginess of the tomatoes and vegan cheese. I rarely like bread but this has a perfectly toasted crust. Texture of the chunks were lightyears' improvement on the chinese vegeterian soy meat. Would love to try it in my cooking too!

The panini was tasty, however the texture of the Heura did not remind me of

chicken (maybe my standards for meat substitutes have been warped by how good Impossible is). A satisfying and delicious meal regardless, but it’s best to think of the Heura as its own product rather than a chicken replacement. Get the kombucha combo for even better value :)

Heura is similar to a meaty chicken breast in terms of the texture and taste.

The panini bread is toasted crispy with added cheese and greens, tastes like a grilled cheese toast but light and more nutritious
Redeem a free kombucha, with your in-app voucher, is delicious 👍

By far the best, tastiest and most realistic chicken alternative I have ever tried! Very

convincing and very delicious. Indulgent more than healthy tasting with plenty of vegan cheese, greens and sauce. This one is for all vegans, meat eaters and omnivores alike!

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