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Banana Pancake

by Goodsouls Kitchen


4.54 (10)

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19 June 2020
A gorgeous fluffy texture combined with the freshness of the mango ... and the sweetness of

the maple syrup and whipped coconut cream/ milk made for a super duper brunch

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26 June 2020
My absolute favorite breakfast in Chiang Mai, had it several times throughout a very short

time span. So good and filling, everything at GoodSouls is a must try

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13 September 2020
mmmm award worthy pancakes.

Goodsouls is unmatched when it comes to vegan food in Chiang Mai 😊

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16 September 2020
Okay - these are hands down the best pancakes I have ever tasted in my whole

life. Not an exaggeration. So fluffy, complete with coconut whipped cream, and mangoes that melt in your...

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11 July 2020
The coconut ice-cream with whole-wheat banana pancakes cost 130 baht and was mildly

sweet and soft.

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29 April 2020
Great pancakes, maple syrup is so delicious and the mint on top was really nice!

Ordered with some chocolate ice cream 💎 Tiny bit too expensive 🤭

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14 September 2019
It’s been a while since I’ve had pancakes looking this good.

Mango was the right choice of topping and the coconut whip was unreal

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18 November 2019
Very tasty vegan pancakes topped with airy lightly sweetened coconut whip cream and some maple

syrup. Super hearty as the portion is quite huge!

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15 March 2020
Perfectly cooked pancakes!

So delicious with the coconut whip.

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23 September 2019
Delicious sweet plantbased pancakes with banana slices, syrup on the side and a butterfly pea

flower on the top. #ashers

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