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Jackfruit Shawarma

by Goodness
4.64 (5)
  • Is Jackfruit Shawarma vegan? Yes! Jackfruit Shawarma is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Goodness59 dishes · 145 reviews

King George St 41, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Most helpful reviews

Absolutely love this place! There shawarma dishes are so good! My vegan and non-vegan friends

loved it! #freedomfarm

שווארמה מעולה ומפתיעה מפרי הג'ק פרוט! טעם עסיסי ומרקם מדליק! באה עם טבעות בצל

I wanted to try something different as I always order the beyond burger. The jackfruit

was really tasty but difficult to eat in the ciabatta - it would probably be better with pita. I was a little jealous of my boyfriend’s burger 😜

Taste wise it doesn’t taste exactly like shawarma but texture and scent wise it does!

This was such a treat and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

שוארמה עם תוספות נהדרות בתוך טורטיה. יש
אפשרות גם בג׳בטה. ממש טעים.

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