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Char Kuay Teow

by Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant


4.20 (4)

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6 November 2019
💟 Our friend, a monk (also a foodie), told us that Gokul offers the best

vegan char kuay teow in town! So we ordered this dish. After trying their char kuay teow, we are really convinced! It has good wok hei and sufficient amount of oil (not too dry, not too greasy). The chef must have the skill to control the fire well. #noodles #kuayteow #sgfavourites #asiafav

Note: The char kuay teow at Gokul fortune centre may not be as nice as here.

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Oily,greasy,a lil bit on d sweet side but tht’s what char kway teow shld be

tasting like so no complaints,n be prepared to live with d short lived guilt with this #noodles dish.
It is delicious,in an unhealthy sort of way. They even have d charred taste on it. Quite generous with the portion of tofu cooked with it.
Now I know why they say the char kway teow here is darn good. Quite close to the original taste actually,minus the lard.

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Gokul is definitely one of those Indian restaurants that nails Chinese dishes! They do a

pretty mean CKT too - rich and not too greasy, with a fair amount of wok hei flavour. Added bonus was that it was loaded with tofu and veggies!

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