Nasi Koreng Kampong

  • Is Nasi Koreng Kampong vegan? Yes! Nasi Koreng Kampong is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The fried rice was not too oily. And the sauce at the side was really

good. It is sweet and has a nice, thick consistency.

My pals go to dish. She orders it all the time. And the vegan anchovies

are amaze

With a sprinkling of mushroom anchovies & flavours sooo savoury yet healthy, this is a

must try for fans of fried rice who wanna try it kampong style ;D and it's got generous portions of green stir fried within 👍👍

This is a huge portion! And it is $7.50 only! It is a very hearty

meal for someone who has walked alot and is starting to feel very hungry, they can order this and finish the whole portion or share with another person 😁

i have never had the real dish itself but i rlly loved it!! its a

little spicy 🌶!! and i dont think i can adequately describe the taste of it anymore 😋❤

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