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Most helpful reviews

Knowing that the restaurant is shutting down its fortune centre outlet, I know I needed

to try it when I’m nearby the vicinity. Have seen recommendations from this store from vegan/ vegetarians Instagram accounts.

Didn’t regret getting this though it is more expensive than other Indian restaurants at $6. All ingredients (chutney, sambar and dosa) tasted fresh! thosai was really crispy! Masala was piping hot which was comforting. Portion is pretty huge, can be shared among 2pax for small eaters.

The cashier looks rather bored and reluctant but the chef who has some lull time gave me a new bowl of sambar when he saw that I almost finished mine 😅 will go back to try their briyani and other dishes for sure!

Super big and filling Dosa! Within the Dosa there is mash potato with green peas.

Yummy when hot and at the start, towards the end I was full and tried to finish. The left side sauce was spicy, center coconut was cooling, right side was curry with a melon and some curry leaves and a moringa stem with some seeds inside! This is nice! Oh and the Dosa was in a banana leaf☺️

Huge thosai! I surprised myself for being able to finish it but that was because

this was so delicious. Loads of well seasoned potato and onion filling, cripsy thosai, and nice chutney. This was $6.

There were 3 sauces provided, though we weren't sure what they were, but it tasted

great when eating the dosai with these sauces. Potatoes in the filling were also soft and nice.

Curry potatoes in some floury pancake thing! Very generous portions and I like the sauces


This was soooo good 😍 the potato and the doss go together so beautifully 💕

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