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Kuay Tiao Goreng

by Gokul Vegetarian


3.80 (5)

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13 March 2020
i love the sauce they used man its so addictive and nice and i like

the tofu its rlly soft and not salty !!

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This tasted amazing! It was so flavourful and lightly spicy. The noodles were so smooth

and the dish was dense & not dry, which is how most kuay tiao gorengs are. This is definitely one of the better kuay tiao gorengs that I’ve tried!

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Not too bad! Not as oily as I thought, it's silky and soft along with

the shredded cucumber, carrots, tofu and taugeh. It's for $6 so not too bad!

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The kway teow goreng is moist and fried in a flavourful black sauce, also comes

with pieces of tau Kwa that are really soft in texture!

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This dish is usually my fave from Gokul but today's serving wasn't as tasty as

I remembered.. 🤔 I'm going to miss having them at Fortune Centre!

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