Plant Based Nonya Curry Chicken Bowl

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Most helpful reviews

I stand corrected! 🤩 The first dish I had here was actually this #nonya chicken

#curry 🐣 Not the #briyani! This was not #spicy but if the #biryani was an indication of anything this might’ve changed since! The sides are the same as always but the curry 🍛 a nice luscious aroma and not too thin 😋 The inclusion of a potato made this stellar for me cause who doesn’t love a #carbilicious curry? 🤭 Like many things here, this cost me S$6.90 for quite a large portion!

Absolutely delicious and delightful bowl. Huge portion for 6.9, lots of rice and veggies. The

plant-based chicken tasted ok-ok, like your regular soy chicken but the curry was killer. Loved the potatoes too. Overall a great option to have in lau pa sat!

Very spicy and flavourful curry. Mock chicken was so so but overall nice dish. Potato

was soft and nice. Very filling with chopped veggies(long beans, leafy greens, cabbage) and choice of brown rice. Decent price.

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