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#VeganIsNotScary #561

Happy to have a good meal for Christmas 🎄 celebration 🎉. This suppose

to be Vegetarian, we opt for Vegan cheese! Super yummy 😋 happy mood ❤️

Mom helped me with the photo. @vegananu thank you.
Totally enjoyed this pizza.we always go to

smoocht at bold for pizza.this was a good change.we all really enjoyed it.
I like it minus the leaves.

Didn't love this pizza which was quite shocking since I loved their Nachos. Thought the

vegan cheese here was too liquid (think its the same one used for the nachos) and the flavours didnt go well together. Pizza crust wasn't crisp and crust was slightly tough to chew on. #abillionlove

Easily one the most succulent pizzas i ever had 👌🏻 (& yes it is vegan!)

The pizza i ordered is simply named “Vegetarian Pizza”. It is topped with portobello & button mushrooms, capsicums, onions, baby spinach, fresh basil, arugula and kalamanta olives. I opted to swap the mozzarella cheese to their house-made vegan cheese for an extra $3.

I prefer thin crust pizzas so this was perfect. It is not too dense, oily or uncomfortably filling unlike most pizzas. Not to mention, the vegan cheese was luscious. Loved the drizzle of dark sauce on top as well.

The confusing part about their menu, however, are the vegan & vegetarian labels. The general consensus is VG for Vegan & V for Vegetarian. But theirs is the opposite way around, so i had to keep re-checking to make sure that i did not unintentionally order a meal containing dairy. Even the waitress herself was confused about the V/VG symbols.

Sadly I was not the biggest fan of this, I don't really like nacho cheese

sauce consistency of the cheese on top and it made the pizza very soggy 😬 and the cheese sauce also reminds me of a vegan mac & cheese I had in Bali that gave me severe food poisoning so...not a good memory 😅 maybe I will get the fajitas next time 😂 #veganin2020

My compliments to the chef. The best new place uptown for veg pizza can be

made vegan !

My non vegan friends too loved this thin crust,well made pizza.

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