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The name says it all! This dish is HEAVENLY! I love the mess of dips

and cherry tomatoes. My favourite is the baba ganoush and the balsamic glaze 😻 My mouth is watering just thinking about this dish! Glad I shared this wonderful dish with my awesome team 🥰 #veganin2020

The baba ghanoush was delicious!! Loved the glaze on this as well!! Will definitely order

again #veganin2020

The 3 dips consisted of baba ganoush, traditional hummus, and beetroot hummus, all sprinkled with

dukkah and crushed almonds. The beetroot hummus had a runny texture and sweet flavour (almost ketchup-like) that was distinctly different from the other 2 dips / from other beetroot hummus I've ever eaten. Also served with kalamata olives and balsamic glaze. The accompanying corn chips and housemade flatbread were rather bland by themselves; would have liked seed crackers instead of corn chips, and also for the flatbread to be infused with some minced herbs! Honestly not my top pick for Middle Eastern bread and dips, but a decent choice as an appetiser for sharing. (Contains alliums, $18) #sgvegan #wholefoodplantbased #wfpb

#EveryEffortCount #20Mar #79/365 #513
This Chips was crispy and yummy 😋 love the beetroot

hummus the most 😋 the other two hummus was okay!
*Beetroot hummus, baba ganoush, traditional hummus, olive oil, kalamata olives, dukkah, almonds, balsamic glaze, spring onions, house-made flatbread, corn chips

Quite a standard trio of regular hummus, baba ganoush and beetroot hummus here, but the

Genius move is the balsamic glaze drizzled on top✨never had it with hummus before, tasted almost like brown sugar syrup/ honey and it took the dish from ordinary to outstanding 🚀

#veganin2020 day 10
71 #daystreak

I like the variety of the the dips - there's Beetroot Hummus, regular hummus and

baba ganoush which is super sweet. Great plate for sharing!

#veganin2020 #day15

$16++! my mum was craving some dips so she happily ordered and was so satisfied

hehe. the entire fam loved this, the crunchy tortilla chips went really well with all three dips! the hummus and beetroot hummus tasted pretty similar tbh HAHA but had the strong taste of middle eastern spice that we liked. mum didn’t like the baba ganoush but it’s my fav!!!! would highly recommend this especially for sharing:D they were so generous with their dips we ran out of chips and flatbread HAHA #veganuary

Interesting dish with chips and dips. Not exactly sure what was in the dips other

than the beetroot hummus and it tasted ok, not fantastic to me though. Good for sharing. Thanks @jenniferj1s for the treat. #veganin2020

Uniquely flavourful beetroot hummus + baba ganoush + traditional hummus + olive oil + kalamata

olives + dukkah + almond + balsamic glaze (which tasted like molasses) + spring onions + corn chips!

The baba ganoush & beetroot hummus seemed to be sweetened with the molasses / balsamic glaze. For ppl who love molasses!

fam changed all dips to hummus and flatbread to corn chips bc that’s how we

like it HAHAHA my family absolutely loves the hummus here, super creamy and amazing! we just don’t like the sour olives oops. corn chips also super crispy and the best vessel for the hummus tbh

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