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Have never had beetroot in a dessert before so this was interesting! The taste of

the beetroot didn't distract too much from the rich creamy chocolate which was good, but I would've preferred the beetroot to be shredded finer because the texture was quite chunky and not smooth. Has the typical fibre-y texture you'd expect from healthy baked goods I guess #chocoholic

10/10 loved this! Highly recommended to satisfy those sweet cravings. Decadent and guilt-free. Utilised the

chope voucher during this visit, and enjoyed about 20% off the usual price. There’s 50% on eatigo in the evenings as well. #sg

Omg this was such an interesting and yummy cake! It uses raw beetroot which was

pretty stringy and nutty, quite different from a regular cake sponge which I prefer, and this is super healthy. There was a good amount of chocolate cream too yay! Hehe I would like a little more as I'm a cream person. Shared it with @theminttobe #vegbuddies. This made my tummy and taste buds very happy!

Loved it at every bite.
Rich.dense. beet flavor is not very distinct.
Shared with sis n

she too loved it.

My partner and I really liked this cake. He took a bite before I could

take a picture! It fulfilled my dessert craving and I was easily able to stop after a couple of bites which is (unusual but)PERFECT! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the beetroot-y nuttiness of this cake–it really complimented the dark chocolate ganache.

If you like beetroot, this is a great dessert option with a strong chocolate flavour

and beetroot aftertaste. It comes up to about $10 for a slice though (after GST and service charge), which is pretty expensive, so not the best value!

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The cake was yummy not too sweet! I like beetroot

*Beetroot + raw cacao + cacao butter + pitted dates + dried currants + almonds

Sorry I only liked half of this cake. The chocolate part was the better half

but it could still be softer/fudgier. The shredded beetroot half was really dry and tasted like sawdust, didn’t excite my tastebuds at all 😢 But I’m glad ALL their cakes are vegan so I’ll definitely be back to try the rest 🤩

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An interesting cake. The filling is beetroot and coconut I think. Doesn't taste like a

typical cake. My group didn't really like it but I thought it was good. The chocolate frosting is arguably the nicest part. Thanks @jenniferj1s for the treat! #veganin2020

Yummy, wholesome, original and hearty.
How is it it took me six months in Singapore to

try this wonderful raw beetroot cake from Genius Central??

I guess this type of cake isn’t for everyone. But it is definitely one for me 😋 It is both earthy and sweet, with a strong coconut taste, a subtle beetroot one, and a genuily comforting chocolate thick yet creamy layer!

As for the texture, the basis is quite crunchy and has plenty of fruits and nuts pieces, which pairs soooo well with the top layer’s smoothness! Really I was stunned by this texture combo each time I took a bite!

The serving is just the right side. The cake itself is filling yet I found it surprisingly not too heavy.

I can only advise the beetroot, coconut and cocoa lovers to give this out of the beaten path cake a try!! 🥥🍰

Worth the $8++

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