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Not my first time eating this; previously the tempeh was missing from my order but

luckily it was in my wrap filling this time! The tortilla wraps were stuffed with spiced tempeh, mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapeno, onion, and greens. Served with my all-time favourite crispy potato chunks, alongside cherry tomato salsa, corn salsa, guacamole, and - the winner of the entire dish - housemade smoky Mexican sauce which I believe was made using cashew nuts! Honestly would eat anything with this sauce hahaha. Highly recommend this! (Contains alliums, $18) #sgvegan #wholefoodplantbased #wfpb

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#Veganeasychallenge #151121

This Mexican Vegan Fajitas wrap was made by Tortilla skin +

capsicum + onion + tempeh + guacamole + portobello & button mushrooms + fajitas seasoning + house-made smoky mexican sauce + cashew nuts + cherry tomato salsa + corn salsa + crispy potato chunks + jalapeno + coriander
The crispy chunk potato was super super
Yummy 😋 I ate the skin too 😂
The wrap was surprisingly good.. unable to justify what was in there so the above detailed review was from the menu haha!
I like sour dish, almost use my tongue to lick all the sauce of the cherry tomatoes salsa 真的很美味!好好吃哦 😋
The service was good too ❤️

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Price: $18 +7% GST+10%SC

2nd times tried this! The potatoes still as

good! Wrap was not bad! Maybe a bit too much food! Worth trying it if you are there!

#tb to one day before semi phase II Crunchy potato skin but a bit powdery

n dry on the inside, but really that’s the only complaint I had! The wraps were beautifully seasoned and flavorful w so many dips and sauces!! 😍

$17++! OKAY now for the best dish of the night🥺 actually wanted a longevity bowl

but it was too cold so I wanted something hot and omg yes. this was served so hot and was so good especially in this cold weather!!! the filling was EXPLODING from the wrap and also was a flavour and texture explosion oh my gosh. loved the tempeh and mushrooms inside, and the sweet salty and smoky sauce just blended everything together SO WELL. I like to add some of the guac and plant based nacho cheese on top to give it extra OOMPH. the cheese didn’t taste like the actual packaged nacho cheese that I don’t like bc it usually just tastes gross HAHA it’s very light on the palate and not overly cheesy! also slightly tangy. the wrap was so good and everyone agreed it was the best hehe would definitely keep coming back for this🥺 the potatoes were also done so well, crispy on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside!!! I think they added salt to the outside bc it was slightly salty which elevated the flavour of the potatoes hehe. also dunked them in the heavenly guac and cheese hehe. the salsa was also not bad but nothing much to shout about! super super filling even though I gave away half my potatoes and maybe more than 1/4 of my wrap HAHA SO GOOD 10/10 love it so much😭 #veganuary also got burpple beyond which made everything even more worth :D

Ayyy this dish comes highly recommend by Genius Central residents @amindfulmiao and @unclenorton👌🏼 I’d have

to say the same too after tasting it! The caramel-y sweet and smokey tempeh and shrooms were soo delish. Gonna have this one-plate fiesta all to myself next time, not sharing ✋🏼🙅🏻

#veganin2020 day 9
70 #daystreak

Genius Central has a very vegan-friendly menu with loads of attractive options. Had the fajitas

and it’s a hearty and generous dish, though I would have preferred to wrap my own, and sharper accents of acidity and sweetness. #veganfajitas #veganfriendly @geniuscentralsingapore

Another winner from this place! The wrap was stuffed with yummy grilled veggies and the

platter had an assortment of extras like guacamole, nacho cheese and corn salad. The potatoes were also a nice side although could have been better seasoned. Second image is a bit blurry but shows what you get on the platter a bit better.

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