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#VeganIsNotScary #587

Countless times to come back here for a meal 😅 this is really

good! Everything in the dish were Super yummy 😋 must try!!!❤️

Mixed mesclun + cherry tomato salsa + tabouleh + traditional hummus + beetroot hummus + house-made falafel + mixed herbs + avocado + house-made plant-based raita + house-made flatbread + dukkah + almonds

#EveryEffortCount. #2/365. #6
$18 +7%GST+10%SC
2nd times tried this! Still as good! Love the Hummus with flatbread,

Avocado with sesame. The falafel with the special sauce and all the vegetables were so fresh and yummy 😋 I will definitely recommend more friend to try it.

The falafels were so amazingly crunchy??!! The sauce and the hummus were great too! Salad

was fresh and well seasoned. I love how healthy this dish was haha and it’s great for sharing too :)

Love it! They have my fav sour cream with dill! Falafel has brocoli in it!

I’m surprised :) $18++

A really well thought out dish, all the different components tasted great on their own

and importantly also worked really well together. All the veggies were really fresh and well seasoned as were the dips and the falafel. A good balance of veggies, protein and carbs too which leaves you feeling satisfied but not too full!


Amazing amazing falafel 😳

I really recommend this dish if you are at Genius Central 💯

A great treat-yo-self meal ✨ Great vegan selections as well!

A lovely place 🥰

Super tasty and filling bowl with a large variety of yummy dips! The falafels were

also crispy and packed with chickpeas. Just a little bit expensive at full price. #veganin2020

The vegan falafel bowl cost $18 and I added a tempeh side for $1.50. This

large platter came with house-made flatbread, salads, avocado, and lots of dips - traditional hummus, beetroot hummus, raita made from plant-based yoghurt, and dukkah made from nuts and seeds. The falafel cakes were crispy and savoury. The tempeh side was chewy and nutty but rather bland. It was fun to create stuffed pita pockets with these ingredients, and it was enough for 2 people to share.

Mixed greens, cherry tomato salsa, tabouleh, dukkah, raita, traditional hummus, beetroot hummus, sesame-crusted avocado, flatbread,

and housemade falafel patties. Wholesome plant protein from the chickpea hummus and falafel. Fun to assemble too. My omni mum really enjoyed this despite being unfamiliar with Middle Eastern food. *Contains alliums. ($18)

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