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  • Vegan Mushroom Pot

Vegan Mushroom Pot

by FuFu Pot


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1 November 2022
featuring @peasfulpea hahaha. the saltier soup paired well with the plain rice and veggies. they

give some vegan meat balls and luncheon meat which added flavour to the soup. overall not very value for money haha only came because it was 50% off, otherwise it would be $19.90 for a small pot of veggies 😬

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Fufu Pot specialises in one set individual hotpot. They recently launched their new vegan mushroom

pot. Consisting of plant-based luncheon meat and balls, mushrooms and assorted fresh vegetables. It also includes chewy sweet potato vermicelli noodles, crispy fried bean curd roll and soft, silken tofu. Comes with a bowl of Japanese rice and 1x soup top-up.

Broth was good. Vegetables were fresh. Love the crispy beancurd roll. Good size portion. Very comforting on a rainy evening.

Paid: $11.18 (Usual Price: $22.36)
They are currently doing a promotion (50% off their new pots for ala-carte orders which includes this new vegan mushroom pot), till 31 October. Best to make reservations if you are intending to dine here at popular meal times.

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