Omni Meatball Ban Mian

by Frontier
4.40 (1)

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Most helpful reviews

Decent effort! However, if “meatballs” were the mains of this dish, it did not shine.

They tasted very earthy, “dehydrated”, and resembled an intense version of mock meat, although the texture was actually very good. I would personally rather have “mushroom” balls.

Conversely, the soup, which I believe is dashi stock, was amazing!! Really!! Although this dish leaned towards the salty spectrum, it’s flavourful and not salty until I had to drink water after every few mouthfuls. The mushrooms were fantastic — braised in a perfectly savoury yet sour vinaigrette concoction.

Disclaimer: I’ve never had many omni meatballs to compare, but overall, for $3, this dish deserves a try — bearing in mind that the meatballs might not be as tasty as one expects them to be! :’)

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