Vegan Breakfast

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Most helpful reviews

Great vegan breakfast! Comes with tofu scramble, hashbrowns and Herbivorous Butcher sausage patties.

Sorry for the bad picture. It’s the only one I got since I ate every

thing so fast. Loved the seasoning on the potatoes and the tofu scramble was nice and moist. They have light life sausages which I though we’re yummy.

This cafe has so many vegan options! I haven’t had a classic diner-style breakfast in

forever, so I had to go for the vegan breakfast. The sausages were the best part! They were very flavorful and had a good texture. The toast and jam was also a favorite, and the potatoes were perfectly crisp. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the tofu scramble. It was very heavy on the tumeric and I thought it lacked any other seasoning. I’d still recommend the dish, but I didn’t finish the tofu scramble.

Absolutely delicious. Great texture for tofu scramble and vegan sausage.

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