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Beyond Burger

by Fox and Fig Cafe


4.67 (6)

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31 December 2020
Second time coming to Fox & Fig, however this is my first time taking out.

The menu is more limited due to COVID, and I ended up getting their burger. I've had the Beyond Burger at a couple other vegan restaurants and have even cooked it myself, but Fox & Fig cooks it SO well!! and the sauce is good...

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23 December 2018
The Fox burger is excellent and the grilled onions, agave-dijon mustard and pretzel roll

take it up a notch! The chips are very flavorful too.

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25 April 2021
Savanna is such a cute city love this restaurant very yummy

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21 October 2020
Yummy but a bit expensive, I preferred the gluten free bun rather than the pretzel

bun and got the mac and cheese as a side instead of the chips. chips tasted like vinegar which i didn't like but overall really good

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28 April 2020
Holy crap this burger is amazing!!!

We stayed in Savannah for 4 nights and ate at fox & fig 5 times. It’s the best!

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31 May 2022
This was AMAZING.

I got the beyond burger with a side of Mac n cheese. I was a little scared because normally I would not choose to get so many fancy toppings. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out how good this...

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2 October 2020
My Omni friend ordered this and she was very impressed with the taste!

She said she would order this at a non-vegan restaurant!! Highly recommend!

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