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Green Power Raviolo

by Flax&Kale


4.83 (7)

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29 November 2019
Nunca había probado unos raviolis veganos tan buenos


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25 October 2018
Ordered this ravioli multiple times because of its lovely combination of ingredients - tofu, spinach and

mushroom. Layered over chunks of grilled eggplant and topped with crumbly vegan parmesan, there's hardly a reason not to love this dish!

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19 July 2020
a really solid dish.

i’ve eaten at flax&kale so so many times and almost everything i’ve ordered has been amazing. such a yummy meal while feeling super healthy.

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14 December 2019

I mean I have no words to describe this dish. It’s the tastier, yummier and most incredible dish I’ve ever tried. My favorite dish on earth with any...

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1 February 2019
Simply the best vegan pasta dish!!!!

I absolutely love the taste of the ravioli filling and the roasted eggplant is just incredible!!

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18 May 2019
Tasted very good but everything you order here tastes amazing, i also tried the orange

pasta (dont know the exact name anymore but it was something with orange) and i liked that one even more. So i prefer the other pasta but this one was also very good! They both deserve a 5 star...

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11 September 2019
Buenísimo (como todo en este restaurante).

Pero tengo que admitir que podrían poner más ravioles, ya que me quedé con hambre.