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Most helpful reviews

this is my new favourite dish!!! it tastes just like my favourite crab beehon soup

when I was younger (from when you went to seafood places), brings back so many memories!! the flavour is exquisite, not too salty, very creamy, and the mushrooms were delightful. You rlly got to try it!!

comforting and delicious simple pasta dish! Love the array of options here

$12.90! sauce was really thin and it was more like pesto soup?? extremely confused HAHA

would have preferred a thicker sauce. but pesto was good though! reminded me of leicha actually. love the generous addition of the pine nuts, and the sauce was pretty fragrant! honestly haven’t had much pesto in my life so not sure what it was supposed to taste like HAHAHA pasta was also cooked quite well, but would prefer linguine to go better with the sauce rather than angel hair pasta tbh. quite average eh #veganisnotscary

i asked for vegan cream tgt with the pasta and i think it was a

lil too creamy for my liking haha, i think i’ll just get it without cream next time! it has a strong herby taste that may not be everyone’s cup of tea!

The savory pesto sauce was fragrant and goes great with the pine nuts

This was ok - it had an almost overwhelming aniseed taste and I am not

a fan of that. But the pesto sauce was delicious!

Love the savoury flavour & texture of this dish! It was satisfying and delicious.

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