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Vegan rice set

by Fine Food
3.50 (2)

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Fine Food
Fine Food18 dishes · 23 reviews

National University Of Singapore, 1 Create Way, Town Plaza, Singapore 138602

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Most helpful reviews

No idea what was vegan but there was another vegan in front of me so

i ordered what he ordered !! #lifehacks #whenyoudon’twannasocialise

I asked the aunty what was vegan today and she pointed to just two veggies

which is so so disappointing for an indian vegetarian stall. That’s not all, she only gave me three broccoli florets and I begged her for extra & I’ll pay. So I was charged $5.50 for this. Even the customer before me asked more extra noodles. They literally have 0 customers while other meat stalls have long, swarming queues. It’s so disappointing for meat free places to be like this. They really make other people ostracise vegetarianism & veganism as expensive & turn people off. Plus, this is an institution where food prices are as low as $3-4 for a vegetarian stall so this is just very very bad. I will go for the mala stall and choose all the veggie options instead next time or I will just pack my own food

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