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I think it might be the balsamic vinegar that is the secret ingredient on this

one but whatever it is it just works and is tasty :) Ferdinandos has 6 or 7 vegan pizza options and is a nice little find. A good place to have a nice dinner out with friends :) #greyton #ashers #pigsnpaws

The only pizza that I get when I go to Ferdinando's! They have a few

different plant-based options, but this one appeals to me most. A delicious pizza as always. Highly recommend. #greyton

Excuse my terrible photo. Very impressed with thid pizza! It's quite a unique combination of

flavours. It has a bit of a sweet taste, probably from the balsamic glaze and I think the tomato as well. I found that a nice touch. I do find their crusts a bit too thick and doughy but if you like a thick crust you might enjoy that part. #veganisnotscary

Such a delicious pizza. Thin, crispy base with fresh avo and sweet onion relish. Really

loved it. I've had it a couple of times and it never disappoints! #greyton

Really really yummy pizza! No vegan cheese but I didn’t miss it at all. The

actual base was so spongy and light. Really lovely and unlike any other base I have ever had! The topping were very generous and flavour full! A bit on the pricey side but really really nice! Defos worth a try! 👏🌟👍😁 #veganin2020

Thick tomato base, baby marrow, peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocado, aubergine, sesame seeds, caramelised onion &

balsamic reduction with extra vegan cheese (R20)
R129 + R20

Ferdinandos says that pizza is about love, and I couldn’t agree more! I do love

their pizzas! This is the vegana 🌱, it has no cheese, but it still tastes delicious! Have you ever had a pizza with no cheese that still tasted good? I didn’t until now 🤤 and I would strongly recommend getting a side of the vegan aioli, it’s just 🤯💥

This is my go-to pizza at Ferdinando's. You don't even need to add vegan cheese

- it's just so delicious. The balsamic reduction on top is all you need. I can't recommend this enough - it's awesome

The Vegana pizza was absolutely fantastic. The crust was just as it should be, the

toppings all worked together and the balsamic glaze gave the perfect touch of sweetness. Would definitely recommend.

I'm not having pizza at any other place again 🙅🏽‍♀️ The base is suuuuper thin,

their crust nice and thick and it's loaded with veggies. Served with their own homemade chilli oil, this was absolutely delicious.

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