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Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle 🍄🍝

Loving the truffle aroma! 😋


Amazing, tasty, excellent, great, truffle-full, creamy #jaan

This dish is less creamy than the traditional risotto. It has flavor but I am

so accustomed to the old way of preparing this dish.

Also, it is worth pointing out that as a vegan, we had very limited options on the menu. A lot of the dishes either had dairy or eggs.

#Vegan #Risotto

Risotto is an Italian rice dish which usually contains butter and parmesan cheese. The unique

taste and flavour in this vegan risotto is superb! 😋 It's a divine combination of properly cooked mixed grains with truffle mushrooms and a finishing touch of truffle oil and some crispy rice. This truffle mushroom risotto is different from the classic one, but I appreciate the chef's effort in creating a healthier and delicious vegan dish. 😃 #risotto

I choose this from the set menu because it was one of the vegan options

and I personally love mushroom risotto but hadn’t had it in such a long time. Unfortunately, this dish was such #fakenews and I stand by my statement that I have yet to have mushroom risotto in a while. This dish was more like boiled rice with some mushrooms rather than a smooth creamy risotto.

This is by far is one of my favourite dishes because they don’t take their

truffle game lightly! Grated truffle and truffle oil too! The dish was white and black wild rice with tons of mushrooms in it. I would go back for this. #jaan

Don't expect the typical risotto. Taste is to my liking though. Grains are hard, take

some time to chew.


This was really good! The truffle sauce was so fragrant. Had this as my main

for the 5 course meal. But the rice is not original risotto rice, but good there’s a combination of different grains. Green veggie was yummy and crunchy. Not so many mushrooms as I would’ve liked. It’s worth it as part of the set but not ala carte - the portion is small to have it by itself but good for a set meal.
Elemen serves nice and healthy food, rosemary flavored water, and has a classy vibe and good service with waiters serving your table. However vegan options are quite limited and would like more of the dishes to be made vegan. Be sure to let staff know if you’re vegan.

Pretty disappointed.. Truffle taste was very faint, rice used wasn’t even meant for risotto???? Wasn’t

very flavourful, and was rather dry! Wouldn’t recommend. If I recalled correctly, there are only 2 vegan mains on their menu, and the other quinoa dish wasn’t fantastic either. If you’re looking for a vegan risotto, pizza express’ one would be a much better option.

I definitely would not call this risotto!!! The rice was a bit on the hard

side but I love hard rice so I didn’t mind it. It’s super flavourful and I really enjoyed the truffle!!

This restaurant isn’t that vegan-friendly though... most menu items have egg or milk in it.

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