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Almost 3 decades in F&B and non veg sector, the CEO of Koufu group invested

into meat-free cuisine and that's why we can enjoy our fine dining meal at Elemen today. We tried their 5-course set meal at $26.80++ which includes a starter, soup, main, dessert and beverage. This vegan appetizer/starter is a trio of small bites; eat from left to right to build in taste and flavor. We also appreciate their rosemary table water which is rare these days. #finedining #appetizer #appetiser


1) an almost melt-in-your-mouth charcoal agar-agar sitting in a milky green sauce & topped with

black agar-agar ‘caviar’ (EDIT: NON-VEGAN for this ><),

2) a dragonfruit sphere with mint & an unknown ingredient (mb lemongrass), and

3) a poached cherry tomato that was a blend of subtle sweetness, even subtler tanginess and smth I can’t quite identify.

Interesting combination of flavours! #appetizer

Seasonal appetiser. Part of the 5-course set menu. Not too sure if there’s supposed to

be an order which side you start with. I started with the ‘green’ - truffle tofu, then the dragonfruit and finally the tomato. I loved the tomato, the flavour was super surprising and delicious.
PS: their dishes individually are quite expensive it’s a better deal to go for the 5-course or the 8-course meal.

a mildly interesting medley of ingredients. the black tofu(?) was firm and the green sauce

had a strong coconut taste. the dragonfruit was interesting! quite strongly flavoured and the tomato was refreshing to top it off

Not that big a fan of the current batch of elemen appetisers. The guava on

the right wasn't very sweet and I bit down on a seed a couple of times. The sweet potato tofu in the middle sounds intriguing but the flavour is underwhelming - sort of in between, neither sweet nor tofu-ey. More like a custard. The winter melon on them left is fine - tasted the orange sliver more than anything else. #veganin2020

The appetizer was interesting! Customer service here is really fantastic and food comes really fast.

For vegans, they will change out the purple sweet potato (?) piece.

Looks special, but taste

normal. Just guava in round shape.

But since it's part of the 5-course meal which more economical than ala carte options, 🤷🏻‍♀️


Appetizer served in different sauces ( natural blended with fruits )

This was a nice starter of fruits with sauces. They have different kinds of utensils

too for different courses. Unfortunately many dishes here contain egg or dairy; they gave me 2 guavas instead as the original middle dish was not vegan. If you are vegan be sure to let staff know. Elemen serves 5 and 8 course meals which are more worth it than ala carte dishes. 5 courses was a really filling meal can’t imagine eating 8.

The Classic Appetiser cost $4.80. 1. Chewy konnyaku jelly in sesame sauce, with peach gum

and goji berry embedded inside (my favourite). 2. Crunchy cucumber coils in sweet plum sauce. 3. Cherry tomato in sour plum sauce.

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