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by Elemen @ HarbourFront


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21 August 2020
Yummy appetizer.

Be sure to let them know you are vegan, as the purple thing normally comes with a non vegan sesame sauce. Eat from right to left for increasingly stronger tastes. It felt very unique and...

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11 February 2019
This is a great start of the meal... Nice and fresh!

Could be vegan but I cannot remember (dairy is indicated on the menu so it’s easy to know).

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28 June 2021
gastronomical experience.

must eat from left to right!! made me feel atas 😙

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19 October 2019
It is worth pointing out that as a vegan, we had very limited options on

the menu. A lot of the dishes either had dairy or eggs.

Also, fyi on the appetizer, it was kind of them to let us know that out of the 3, the middle one is not vegan.

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17 January 2023
Cute appetisers but a bit too sweet for me!

Unfortunately I didn’t take note what they were either 😂

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11 January 2023

1) an almost melt-in-your-mouth charcoal agar-agar sitting in a milky green sauce & topped with black agar-agar ‘caviar’ (EDIT: NON-VEGAN for this ><),

2) a dragonfruit sphere with mint & an unknown ingredient (mb lemongrass), and

3) a poached cherry tomato that was a blend of subtle sweetness, even subtler tanginess and smth I can’t quite identify.

Interesting combination of...

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28 November 2020
Like the flavours.

Photos shows appetisers from 3 sets.

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22 January 2019
A visual and taste treat.

A great variety of flavors.

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1 December 2020
Not that big a fan of the current batch of elemen appetisers.

The guava on the right wasn't very sweet and I bit down on a seed a couple of times. The sweet potato tofu in the middle sounds intriguing but the flavour is underwhelming - sort of in between, neither sweet nor tofu-ey. More like a...

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26 September 2020
Interesting combo that should be eaten in this sequence - guava ball, sweet potato tofu, citrus

wintermelon. Taste pretty decent

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