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No other vegan option. Would be good if they have other vegan options. Well, it

wasn't bad though. Not too sweet. White fungus was fun to chew at!

#vegan #dessert

I loved the the liquid. So soothing and warm to the throat. I didn’t really

like the gum because it was tasteless and the texture was just slimy. Didn’t enjoy the one piece of fruit and seaweed either. I’d rather just have the liquid. #jaan

my first hot Chinese vegan desert! not too sweet and the jelly inside was really

soft and added a nice texture to the dessert

This was the only vegan desert I could have as part of the 5 course

meal. Nice clear soup, soothing ingredients but much too sweet. Had to dilute to drink with comfort.
Elemen serves nice and healthy food, rosemary flavored water, and has a classy vibe and good service with waiters serving your table. However vegan options are quite limited and would like more of the dishes to be made vegan. Be sure to let staff know if you’re vegan.

so thicc. think will be good for my complexion keke 😙

Not too much vegan options for dessert though, this is part of the 5-course set

menu. Chose this since there’s no other options left. Just a sweet vegan dessert.
Really wish they include more vegan friendly options in their menu, but still great that their menu is labelled well and is helpful.

PS: their dishes individually are quite expensive it’s a better deal to go for the 5-course or the 8-course meal.

Average, ok, insufficient dates, no real taste, not a genuine desert #jaan

I was quite bummed out that many dishes here weren't vegan. As part of the

5 course meal this was the only dessert that didn't contain egg. It was basically the same ingredients as the 5 elements soup but in a sweet base. Kinda boring especially after I had that soup earlier. Really wish they can veganize more of these dishes. Soups and desserts are lacking in this as this is the only vegan dessert. I wish they could veganize more of their awesome mains too. It's great the vegan options and dairy and egg are clearly labelled on the menu. It would be helpful if the non vegan items with vegan options are labelled as well, as for some items you can omit the non vegan sauce for instance.

This is the only vegan dessert out of the 4 that they have from the

set and sadly it was also the least favorite of the table (we liked the tiramisu and pumpkin puree w coconut ice cream way better than this). Lemongrass taste could have been stronger and also the soup (?) was a bit too sweet.

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