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Vegan Chilli Rellonos

by El Burro Greenpoint


4.43 (8)

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11 November 2020

Consistently excellent every time. Spicy and cheesy and delicious.

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30 September 2020
These chilli "poppers" were amazing!

Super light, smoky and delicious.

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13 July 2020
Wow I absolutely adore these.

My friends choose them over the normal ones. The cashew nut cheese melts perfectly and it’s the perfect starter

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13 September 2019
Chilly poppers with cashew nut cheese.

Not crumbed so it’s gluten free to. Bit pricey for what you get but very tasty #ashers

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22 February 2021
Just the right amount of burn to not feel like your stomach is on fire

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12 September 2020

The best chilli poppers. 4 poppers filled with vegan cashew nut cheese with a generous side of guacamole! Excellent!

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21 September 2019
So glad to find a vegan alternative to good ole stuffed jalapeños!

Spicy and satisfying #ashers

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1 August 2020
These are amazing!

Spicy and cheesy, just a pity they are very pricy for what you get. Save it for a nice date night

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