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krabby patty

by Down the Hatch


3.70 (2)

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23 November 2022
This was a chickpea ‘fish cake’ with a delicious lemon mayo, plus capers for even

more of a fishy flavour. Overall it had some lovely flavours and I enjoyed it as it made a nice change from your standard burger, and this one was a bit lighter on the stomach than some of their other massive burgers. It was pretty hard to eat as the chickpea patty had a soft texture and just sort of crumbled apart, so I ended up eating it as a deconstructed burger with a knife and fork...

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5 May 2022
Really interesting flavours, the chickpea fish cake had a suttle flavour but still enjoyable.

Loved the lemon Mayo and capers, brought it all together. My only complaint is the burger buns, I find them a tad dry but overall still a pleasing meal.

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