4/20 Loaded Fries

4.30 (4)

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Most helpful reviews

I say this a lot- but these bad boys were HOT 🥵
But also beautifully

balanced! We upgraded our chips with burgers for £2 and it was WORTH EVERY PENNY.
The cheese sauce was too die for (actually had to check it was vegan as it was so cheesy!) the bbq jackfruit was sweet and smokey, and the nacho crumb added a lovely crunch to compliment the other softer toppings. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 cannot get enough.

My favourite dish of the night! So lovely Was smothered in cheese and a beautiful

sweet chilli sauce- could eat all over again!

They were definitely loaded, it was only a side dish but could have been a

meal on its own as it was very filling. There was loads of different sauce flavours plenty of cheese and the nacho pieces gave a nice crunchy texture

Nik-nak dust, BBQ pulled jackfruit and vegan cheese on fries? Yes please. Only downside is

that I literally could not finish it. And that's a downside because BELIEVE ME I WANTED TO. 0/10 for nutritional value, 11/10 for binge value.

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