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  • 4/20 Loaded Fries
  • 4/20 Loaded Fries

4/20 Loaded Fries

by Down the Hatch


4.30 (4)

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13 January 2021
They were definitely loaded, it was only a side dish but could have been a

meal on its own as it was very filling. There was loads of different sauce flavours plenty of cheese and the nacho pieces gave a nice crunchy texture

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3 October 2020
I say this a lot- but these bad boys were HOT 🥵

But also beautifully balanced! We upgraded our chips with burgers for £2 and it was WORTH EVERY PENNY.

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23 January 2020
Nik-nak dust, BBQ pulled jackfruit and vegan cheese on fries?

Yes please. Only downside is that I literally could not finish it. And that's a downside because BELIEVE ME I WANTED...

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31 December 2020
My favourite dish of the night!

So lovely Was smothered in cheese and a beautiful sweet chilli sauce- could eat all over again!

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